ARKit Experience

Apple demonstrated their continued interest and investment into the awesome world of augmented reality during their Sept. 12 event, highlighting a few new AR games that will appear on iPhones thanks to ARKit. But that’s not all you can expect — as long as you have an iPhone with an A9 chip or later, there will be a ton of cool new AR tools, games, and other apps to play around from the App Store.

HuntAR, Corp. is happy to announce that it is working on multiple ARKit Applications for various clients. The experiences are set to launch in January 2018. We look forward to the continued augmented reality revolution. 


AR for the Retail Store

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling — to put it mildly. Hundreds of malls are closing every year. But retailers are fighting back. Next time you visit a retail store,  or  fast food restaurant, you may get a prompt from the latest new mobile technology — beacons! Beacon technology allows notifications through Bluetooth enabled devices. The beacon technology can be used to identify deals or highlight locations of sales or specials. HuntAR Corp. is currently using beacons for notifications and experiences using Augment Reality. 

Beacons are tiny battery-operated radio transmitters that emit a Bluetooth signal to smartphones within a certain range. The range can be adjusted in each Bluetooth device. According to Unacast’s latest report, “beacon deployments are on track to reach 400 million deployed by 2020.” For retail, the top applications include coupons, sales prompts and pure data collection. The beacons could track movements through a retail store giving feedback on how people navigate a retail location. 

Beacons provide opportunities for in-store personalized experiences. They’re bridges that link brick-and-mortar retailers with customers glued to their phones. The goal for retailers like Rite Aid or Target is real-time personalized engagement in an actual store with actual merchandise. 

This is brick-and-mortar retailers fighting e-businesses. The retail store needs to become more of an experience. Shoppers need to be entertained and engaged for a more robust shopping experience. 

Augmented Reality – Mainstream in 2018

How AR Creates Value

AR creates business value in two broad ways: first, by becoming part of products themselves, and second, by improving performance across the value chain—in product development, manufacturing, marketing, service, and numerous other areas.

With Augmented Reality, Companies can improve user engagement by creating unique experiences that will stay in the minds of consumers.

HuntAR Corp has been in the Augmented Reality marketplace for over three years and we have created experiences for a wide range of customers including museums, universities, national retail chain, manufacturers and even small business owners. Contact HuntAR today to learn more about Augmented Reality and how it will dominate the mainstream in 2018.


Champions AR Soccer released

We have released Champions AR Soccer for iOS and Android. Pick a ball, set your foot and go for a high score!

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Ad free versions are also available below.

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